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What Our Wonderful Clients Say

Thanks to our wonderful clients, the past 20 years has flown-by. We hope to continue to help you grow your websites and with that your businesses as well. May the next 20 years be as successful.

Tony @ Bywild has been running and maintaining my server including securities for several years now and during this time I have experienced very minimal downtimes with very prompt responses and times to all my requests... Highly Recommended Regards Dean Hosking LTDG

Dean Hosking

Owner Learn to Drive Group

Ray Moore

Owner/Manager Loft E Ladder

It is our pleasure to provide a testimonial. We can confirm that the service, over the past 18 years, to be of the very best, watching what the competition were doing, advising us and making beneficial changes whenever required, ensuring that Google favoured us and keeping our presence on Google at number one. We trust this will be a great advantage in your new venture. Regards and thanks again Raymond Moore (Director) Arch.Tech (UK) LOFT BE LADDER


Owner Words By Kim

Hi Tony, Just noticed it will soon be 14 years since you helped me get my website up and running and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into making the experience of owning a website as much fun as it has been. You truly went above and beyond in every way from the tedious chore of making my site look like a book page because, well, that was what I wanted to integrating it with WordPress and painstakingly making THOSE pages match the look of the rest of my site. You never crossed the line into telling me what to do but I finally realised that the site was WAAAAY too hard to read in that format and you were right there, ready and willing to revamp the site to the modern, clean, easy to navigate place it is now. You monitored what was going on in the internet throughout those years and upgraded or updated the site as required without me having to worry about it and you were always on top of any threats that were out there. I really appreciate knowing you are just an sms away if I ever need you and now I have my very own cloud which has proven very handy so far so onward and upwards. I look forward to many more years with you and I hope MyCloudz proves as much fun to have as WordsByKim.com has been. Fondest regards; Kim